The Status Quo

The intimate revelations of young men, or at least the terms in which they express them, are usually plagiaristic and marred by obvious suppressions. – The Great Gatsby

I would like here to give some profile of myself so that some base may be established before progressing to forward-looking thoughts. I will suppress the urge to give judgments of myself which could be biased, as true as I may feel them to be, (for example, “I am as white-washed as they come”) and attempt to give facts.

My parents are from Shanghai. They survived the Cultural Revolution and left to pursue graduate studies in the US. Tienanmen Square allowed them to remain in the US and I was born in Houston.

I grew up in Thousand Oaks, CA with one older sibling, who was three years older and four years ahead. We did not have much contact during formative middle school and high school years.

…I find the facts of my biography to be spectacularly uninteresting. I’m already bored. To cut to the chase, I am currently a senior at Harvard studying Physics and Economics. We’ll pick it up from there tomorrow.


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