Fresh Ideas: South American Stocks

Sidenote: I ultimately bought T at 28.00. It’s so cheap at that price level. Sometimes cheap stocks never realize true value, but you know how you’ll get the money back with T – skyhigh dividends. I may swap out my VZ position for it.

I’m pretty excited about South American stocks. I went through this website: and the corresponding Brazil and Chile lists. I added each symbol to a Google Finance and Yahoo Finance portfolio. That way, I could quickly skim through and look at a spreadsheet P/Es, dividends, etc. summarized.

  1. they’re dirt cheap NOW,
  2. have excellent growth prospects, and
  3. have very good dividends. By law, in Brazil you have to pay out at least 25% of net income as divs.
  4. hedge US inflation.

Random things of note:

  1. GFinance has the quarterly financial statements, but it lags in getting the numbers. For example, right now it’s 2/14/11 and they don’t even have 3Q ended 9/30/10. So their EPS and P/E number is slow as well.
  2. YFinance seems to have more updated numbers. For example, they DO have 3Q numbers reflected in the EPS and P/E number on their quote summary. However, they don’t have quarterly financial statements available for viewing.
  3. Many foreign stocks trade as ADRs on the pink sheets.
  4. Quite a bit of dividend data is missing. Meaning the company DOES pay dividends, but it isn’t listed. Google seems to have more reliable dividend data than Yahoo.

Goal: Go through these stocks and construct a portfolio of 10 stocks? Narrow list as follows

  1. Look at YFinance for approx. P/E and Goog for approx. div and take industry into account.
  2. Consult
  3. Visit website to confirm EPS and div payount.

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