Hitting the Blog Reset Button

My blog has been haphazard. The posts meant to introduce new, specific positions have been largely failures: contributing little in the way of new knowledge, missing the key question “what are you doing with your overall portfolio?” and obscuring more helpful learning posts and links.

I propose the following new structure. First, I am initiating living document “pages” on specific topics where I post relevant tips, resources and other things I have learned. A Google Doc (essentially) for Risk Arbitrage, for example. Also, “normal” blog posts will fall into one of two categories. 1) New trade ideas – with each of these posts, I will include an overall portfolio snapshot with % breakdown of positions and NAV, portfolio calendar YTD and MTD performance. 2) Reviewing and analyzing old trades.

I will need to write some VBA code to scrape Scottrade to have this info at my fingertips. I will need to categorize and tag posts in a useful way. Finally, I’ll need to dedicate some time to writing down the many things I have learned this break.


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