More Money Than God

The second week on my project has come to a close and I’m back in Chicago. Projected weekend temperature – 20 degrees F.

Things I am happy about – I am pleased by the quality of life thus far.

Things I will need to improve – Managing the disconnect between RTS and the rest of the Firm in their recognition of and treatment of top BAs.

Anyway, I’ve been reading More Money Than God, a survey of the history of hedge funds – covering some of the key players and their notable innovations. At times, it essentially aggregates stories and information from existing hedge fund books, but at a higher level.

Its chapter on Soros draws heavily from Alchemy of Finance and its story about Barton Biggs and AW Jones is almost certainly a rip of Hedgehogging. Truth be told though, even if the book added no value except for summarizing, it’d still be helpful since I know as much about some of these strategies as a random layman. I did find Alchemy of Finance to be really dense.


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