Week 4 in Richmond

I enjoyed this week in Richmond – besides the usual trips to the fantastic gym next door, I also went to see a rock indie concert from a band called the xx and ate at a steakhouse called Bookbinder’s. The music was a bit too mellow, but the cowboy steak was fantastic.

Interestingly, the restaurant recommended that my steak be cooked to at least Medium, otherwise the texture would be a bit chewy due to the heavy marbling. I’d never heard of this even though I’ve been to quite a few prime steakhouses (which presumably serve similarly marbled steak). I wonder if it’s good advice.

My project continues to be relaxed and administrative in nature, though I could do a better job of shooting the s as they say. I think the project is not going to be great for my Firm ‘development’ since RTS is nascent and barely capable of creating stepups for themselves, let alone me. The question becomes how I can minimize the impact.

Anyway, one quick investment update – I learned the margin reqs for IB and apparently shorting never costs you anything in terms of debit interest. As a result the capital I’m committing really consists of 1.25x the long position (the long position creates 75pct margin to short with so you have to chip in another 25 pct).

Finally, I’m about to board a flight to PHX for my first bachelor party ever. The rumors are true – there are many old folks here with me.


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