Just got back from my weekly basketball game. I’m fired up whenever I lose but today more so than usual – I’m getting my basketball skills back so expectations are going up. Anyway, wanted to write down a couple to-dos.

High level lessons: I should try to watch 5 on 5 and figure out what I should be doing differently in terms of spacing, timing and movement (i.e., when to set picks, when to post up, etc.). I also think I need to help harder (or not help at all) and seize more chances to handle the ball (bringing it up or shooting off offensive boards).

Two things for my own game I learned today:

1) Use your off-arm (and a bump) to create space on a jump hook

2) Actively swim through defender’s arms in the post.

Two things I learned about other people’s games:

1) You should always run “A” (let’s call him that for this purpose) off the 3-point line. Make him headfake you and take the long two.

2) “P” likes screens set on his left so he can use them and pop up for 3s.


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