Bleh, bball this morning was exhausting. Probably because I didn’t get much rest this week. In any case, things that seemed to work today were

1) bringing the ball up and hitting people with a right to left cross over as they turned to face me
2) setting screens on some of the older guys (even though they might be bigger) since they don’t like to chase around screens as much

One thing that didn’t work at all was the righty jump hook in the lane from the left block. Got my shot blocked once (pretty much a foul though). I think I either need to create more space or hit em with the up and under if I’m on that side.


One thought on “Basketball

  1. Nice post. Sounds like you need a day off from bball. Screens are always a good way to get open. Make sure you pop out for a 3 point shot or roll to the hoop.
    Syracuse vs. Louisville tonight will be a good game to watch and see how they play.

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