Comedown Machine

One quick investment update:

I’ve started a small position in the BlueGreen (BXG) and BFC merger arbitrage. It’s an all cash deal at $10, already approved by shareholders, BFC already owns 56% of BXG and should close within the next month. Absolute spread is hovering around 1-1.5% so it’s a no-brainer. I’ve also decided to shift much of my trading activity to IB since I’ve realized just how low their commission really is. I’ll still maintain my other account for the purpose of having a backup (sort of like having two browsers on your computer).

Dunno what you got ’til it’s gone:

I went down to watch my college roommate’s bike race in Indianapolis yesterday as well as the college swimming championships. Bit of a long drive but I was excited to see a good friend and watch some historically fast swimming. And it was a good escape from the dinner I had on Friday night. Of which I would say that I was disappointed that sleeping dogs were not allowed to lie.

A close friend, on leaving town for good, asked me about the meaning of these past two years and whether they could have been “something more.” I don’t know why you would bring up the past when the future of our relationship (which is to be friends) is certain. Above all, it was not the warm goodbye and chapter close that I had hoped for with this person, rather I felt that it opened the door to rumination on meaningless past hypotheticals and “could have beens.”

All that aside, I am sad to see my friend go and I wish her the best. I always feel emotional when saying goodbye to people with whom I’ve shared a personal relationship. It’s perfectly natural of course, but I think the implication may be that I value these relationships highly, but fail to realize it until they’re at an end. Or maybe not and I’m being too harsh on myself. C’est la vie and happy Easter!


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