I wanted to jot down two lessons this week that relate to an overall theme of “willingness to do the little, painful things separates good from great”

1) Three times this week, I wasn’t updated with key information. This information should have been sent to me because a) I asked to be kept in the loop and b) it’s important stuff. All three times, my lack of updated information resulted in minor problems. Ultimately, none of this mattered, but I want to warn myself that next year the stakes won’t be so low and mistakes will be punished. I shouldn’t be so lazy as to depend on other people.

2) Connected to that first thought is the thought that “walking the halls” is indeed a valuable trait. I tend not to habitually walk around and socialize with the client, but it could have been valuable in this case. I would have stayed on their radar screen and they wouldn’t have forgotten to give me the information, e.g., perhaps Dina would have had an easier time remembering to tell me “oh, I’ll be going on vacation on Friday.”

Space out.


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