Weekly Recap

Writing to you today from Cafe Caturra, a great little spot in Short Pump, VA that serves food which is both tasty and healthy. I also don’t mind going there alone because of its fast casual, coffee shoppish vibe. I’m taking advantage of the weather, finally warm in VA, by sitting outside.

I’ve just come off of a fantastic weekend in Atlantic City, where I was able to see my good friends Evan and Justin. We had a great time drinking, gambling, eating, working out and hanging out at the pool, but probably the best part was simply getting to talk to them and joke around.

Two thoughts came up for me this weekend. First, I found the winning and losing of money at the blackjack and poker table didn’t affect me emotionally as much as it affects most people. Either I’ve already gotten used to wagering on a much larger scale or this is a good sign for my level of control.

Second, I realized I’d love to get better at starting and building relationships with people in general. I wonder if being really socially active and outgoing is a requirement for this. Either way, Let’s make that a goal for SF!


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