2013: Year in Retrospect

The Great Bath in Bath, UK
The Great Bath

I have recently grown quite fond of the occasional bath. It all started three weeks ago, after I got back from a freezing cold half-marathon distance trail race and was looking for a way to reassure my body, “there, there, it’s all over now.” Then I took another one two weekends ago, and yet another this weekend.

You can read whatever Freudian psychology you’d like into the enjoyment of taking a bath (e.g., returning to the womb vis a vis suspending oneself in body temperature water?) but actively optimizing relaxation feels important to me these days. My previous work as a consultant was stressful, but fairly easy to leave at the office.

Today, because so much is on the line and the intellectual problems of investing are so interesting, it can be hard to NOT think about work. This is a good problem to have – it means I love my job. But balance is important. I spend a lot of time working out in some fashion (running, lifting, playing basketball), but being active can wear on the body even as it refreshes the mind. Hence the baths.

In any case, today I spent my time in the bath pondering the year that was. Primarily I found myself structuring my thoughts in Q&A form and I would like to jot them down here for posterity.

List of questions:
What did you learn about in your job this year?
What did you learn about yourself?
Are there things about your life that need to change?
What are the important relationships you’ve made or kept this year?
What are your goals for next year?

More to follow…


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