The New Year

The amount of time one has to record thoughts and events in a journal is negatively correlated with the interestingness of one’s life. So no surprise that when things are at their most interesting, nothing is recorded here… And conversely, that some posts will be about taking baths.

The last month or so has definitely been interesting. On the event side, I went to a three star Michelin restaurant with my team from work, went hiking in Yosemite, went to see a couple pro and college basketball games and checked out the SoMa street food park. I also finagled tickets to see Foster the People play for a very small crowd at the charity event.

Foster the People was terrific but also equally interesting was observing the song and dance of the SF wealthy-person charity scene – older men and younger women. Seems like everyone in SF is oozing with money due to a very hot tech funding climate.

On the social front, I finally went out in the Marina with the other junior analysts from work, hosted a few friends to watch football and grill steak and caught up with some very old friends from the swim team while home on holiday break.

For the first time ever, I also find myself hesitant to respond to old acquaintances who have reached out to me. When I see these notes, I ask myself “why? And why now? And what going forward?” Maybe these are the wrong questions to be asking.

Had an interesting conversation on the Yosemite hike about this (a book called the Love Languages came up). Perhaps I’m a person who feels that I should be able to not spend time with or talk to people and still be friends with them. Whereas other folks seem to value quality time.

In general I’m a more extroverted person and more open to new things than I have been in awhile. The job is definitely to be credited for much of this change – it helps to be happy and stimulated and relatively unstressed and around people who set a great example for you.

Well that’s basically it for now – about to get off the train I’ve been on heading to Stanford. I think two guiding principles for the upcoming year will be – composure and empathy.


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