Mentorship and L10N

I’ve been referring back to the values post from a few months ago every so often. Partially to remember what I wrote and then partially to see if I still felt like those were the 5 that I hold in highest esteem. Result? I think I named the right 5 on the first try. And that makes sense because the first 5 values that come to your mind are by definition the most easily accessible and hence likely to be important. If it’s hard to think of, it’s probably not that important.

Anyway, I continue to think about the role of community in my life, specifically mentorship. Friendship with peers has been develop to the “next level” past just meeting new people. I believe this is partially due to time, partially due to my lack of skill. But what also stands out is it’s been hard to find people with the same mix of interests, perspectives and economic/social status as myself. That may be an excuse and those may not be necessary conditions for friendship. But certainly the folks I’m spending time with often feel unideal in some way.

That being said, professional mentorship is possible and I’m inspired by the pro-activeness of a friend named G. He actively reaches out to folks that he respects to introduce himself, he actively invites them to coffee and he does it time after time. Do I always want to talk to him? No. But asking is half the battle, if not more. It’s an alternative model – for some reason, I had thought maybe through my personal life, a network could build via happenstance. But it’s just not going to be of high quality (I think). I have to reach out and seek.

Different topic – localization. The increasing value of authentic, niche stories in finance (hedge funds filling the functions of banks), food (eating local/fresh), society (more and more niche social circles including as regards racial/social identity), media (music) and consumer. It’s like alpha generation – being different is worth more and harder to find.


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