Social Situation Diary 5: Tactics

Conversational phrases:

  • Opening – so how do you know each other? (try not to judge… if observational… either positive about person or make it about environment)
  • Subtle compliments – I like your hat (something that they select, implies good taste)… instead of “you look good” (sycophantic)
  • “Let me ask you this” with head tilt followed by pregnant pause to build suspense
  • “I’ve heard a lot about X, but never really understood it, what does a X actually do?” to make partner feel like the authority
  • Instead of “what are you up to this weekend?”, “what are you looking forward to this weekend?”

End of conversation:

  • “What are you doing later today?”
  • Cue to say – “oh great, so nice to meet you… hope you have a wonderful time on X”

Body language:

  • Opening body language (open, shoulders down and back), smile… “hello, how are you?”
  • Eyebrow raise = interest… once you’ve hit the eyebrow raise, then you can go down rabbit hole
  • Pivot out invites more people to join conversation

Group topics:

  • “Who is the most annoying celebrity?”

Group tactics:

  • “Show of hands” on big TED-style lectures
  • Start out lecture with a scene or a question that is answered by the end
  • Multiple speakers during lectures – Farallon labs
  • JefCo already claiming to have polled 50 ppl to get useful information in order to kickstart a poll. Unclear if they really did but resolves the chicken and the egg problem

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