Creativity, Inc.

I’ve been reading through Ed Catmull’s Creativity, Inc and it’s actually helped me think about a particular situation. Words feel stale – life requires action. At this point, just feel embarrassed that it happened – which is another way of saying that it didn’t work out but also that I don’t know where it came from.

At this point you ask yourself a few questions – one, whether it was a good idea. I no longer think so. So it’s a random mistake I made. Book talks about the desire to fix all mistakes, even ones caused by sheer randomness and that’s probably what sticks in me the most – the desire to erase/fix. Not the embarrassment because there’s no overlap and no one knows and I really don’t have that much ego and have made bigger mistakes.

But the reality is you can’t fix all the randomness – have to embrace it because there’s nothing you can do. And not seek to fix or point fingers – people involved had good intentions. But rather try to buffer up resiliency and processes (my existing community) and randomness to downside can be fixed by randomness to the upside.

Second question is whether you need to get in touch and clear air. Not really – you weren’t friends. Main principle is treating how you would like to be treated and frankly, I wouldn’t care if in her position. And haven’t. Best way to live is to live. Bears.

With investing, I mostly worry about errors of commission. With people, errors of omission are more glaring.

Return to the source. Live in the world.



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